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As the Yukon evolved after the Gold Rush, other events shaped the population, including the construction of the Alaska Highway and the move of the territorial capital to Whitehorse in 1950. As genealogical research follows the lives of those who came after the Klondike stampede, Yukon Archives has created access to a number of relevant records in addition to the Gold Rush information provided by Dawson Museum. The vast holdings at the Archives comprise Yukon records relevant to Yukon people.

The Yukon Genealogy database is made up of eight separate databases that have been donated to or created by the Archvies since 2002. New resources will be added to the Yukon Archives Genealogy database as staff time permits.

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Yukon Residents database, 1894-1958

The information on this database comes from a variety of sources , focusing on the period from 1894-1958. Sources include regimental histories, city records for Whitehorse and Dawson, a 1935 British Columbia and Yukon Directory of towns and cities, and manuscripts including an electoral list and list of residents of Whitehorse.

Pioneer Cemetery, 1900-1965

Pioneer Cemetery, on Sixth Avenue in Whitehorse, had approximately 800 interments between 1900 and 1965. The cemetery was closed in 1965. The burials are documented in a City of Whitehorse publication entitled 'Lost Graves'. Published in 1989, 'Lost Graves' was researched by Margaret (Peg) Crook and Helen Horback and compiled by Norma Felker. It is organized in subsets of church records and for a number of persons it contains additional details such as obituaries from local newspapers. The database provides name, date of death and age of each individual buried. The publication 'Lost Graves' is held at the Yukon Archives and is located at: Ref 929.5 Cro.

Grey Mountain Cemetery, 1960-1976

Grey Mountain Cemetery, located in Riverdale, Whitehorse, was opened in 1965 by the City of Whitehorse. This database consists of 399 interments from 1960 to 1976 and provides name, date of death, and age. Due to privacy concerns burials after 1976 are not included in the database.

Yukon News Obituary Index, 1966-2000

This database lists 1444 names, obituary date, and age of individuals that died in the Yukon from 1966-2000.

Yukon River Basin , Deaths and Burials, 1887-2007

This database lists 4108 deaths and burials in cemeteries in Dawson City and surrounding area. Most of the cemeteries listed are in Dawson City and provides cemetery, names and date of death.

Unique Databases

The databases on this page have been created by local Yukoners with an interest in “people” research. Each database is unique in that it provides access to a particular occupation, group or event that occurred in the Yukon.  

Francophone Yukoners:

This database provides an index to 2495 francophone Yukoners who lived and worked in the Yukon from 1825-1950. The Association franco-yukonnaise published the book ‘Empreinte: la presence francophone au Yukon (1825-1950)' in 1997. The book includes brief profiles of some of the people listed in it. The database provides access to the print copy by name and page on which the person is listed. Can be searched by surname, given name, page and call number."

Yukon Archives has a print copy of ‘Empreinte: la presence francophone au Yukon (1825-1950)', located at 929.371 91 Empr (2 vol. set).

Sourdough Air Display, 1971-2006

The Sourdough Air Display has become one of the largest civilian airshows that is held annually in Canada. The database was created to list all the 3075 personnel and planes that have been at the show since 1974 during the Sourdough Rendezvous week. Information on the first three shows (1971-1973) isn't available either in the print or electronic copy.

The Yukon Archives has a print copy ‘Sourdough Air Display, 1971-2006', which has extra information on the Air Display, located at 797.5 SAD

Yukon Barristers Roll

This database was copied from the original Yukon Barristers Roll that has been maintained by the Supreme Court Chambers since 1898. The computerized roll lists 831 lawyers who have practiced in the Yukon from 1898 to 1997 and provides information on date of birth, date of death, place of birth, university attended, etc. Can be searched by surname, given name, date of call/certificate#, and call number.

The Yukon Archives has a computer printout of the Yukon Barristers Roll located at PAM 1997-0238. 

The Yukon Archives Finding Aid "Genealogical Resources at the Yukon Archives" can be found through the following link:
http://www.tc.gov.yk.ca/pdf/genealogical_bib.pdf (PDF, 783 KB)
Once you have reviewed this resource list, you can contact the Archives to pursue further research into your Yukon ancestor.

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