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Genealogy, or family history research, is the practice of inquiry into family descent. This is a way to connect with your ancestors that is becoming increasingly popular with people of all ages around the world. Yukongenealogy.com is intended to assist family history researchers to find information about ancestors who may have lived or worked in the Yukon Territory, located in the northwestern corner of Canada.

Research requests come to Yukon heritage organizations from Yukoners new and old, Yukon First Nations descendants, visitors whose ancestors passed through or lived here during the various eras of the Territory's history, and others. Resources available through this site have been compiled by two of Yukon's largest repositories of historical information, the Dawson City Museum & Historical Society Archives and the Yukon Archives. Since the holdings in these facilities are different, each institution has a separate searchable database accessible through yukongenealogy.com.

If you think your relative came to the Yukon there are several ways to conduct your research. Enter the Dawson City Museum Pan for Gold and Yukon Archives Genealogy databases. Since the dates of each are not mutually exclusive and people tended to move around the Territory we recommend that you execute a search on both databases. If your search is successful and you want to proceed with a more specific inquiry, you will find contact information for the Dawson City Museum and Yukon Archives on the home page for each database.

In the Links to Organizations within the Yukon section of this website you can find out about the types of records held by other Yukon institutions, and contact information for other Yukon organizations that may be able to help in your search.

On this site you will also find a section showing Links to Other Sources of Information & Websites, containing contact details for genealogical research sources outside the Yukon and links to other websites that may be helpful in your search.

In addition, there are tips for family history research and printable forms that you can use to record your findings.

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