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Pioneer Cemetery, 1900-1965

Pioneer Cemetery, on Sixth Avenue in Whitehorse, had approximately 800 interments between 1900 and 1965. The cemetery was closed in 1965. The burials are documented in a City of Whitehorse publication entitled 'Lost Graves'. Published in 1989, 'Lost Graves' was researched by Margaret (Peg) Crook and Helen Horback and compiled by Norma Felker. It is organized in subsets of church records and for a number of persons it contains additional details such as obituaries from local newspapers. The database provides name, date of death and age of each individual buried. The publication 'Lost Graves' is held at the Yukon Archives http://www.tc.gov.yk.ca/archives/ .

Grey Mountain Cemetery, 1960-1976

Grey Mountain Cemetery, located in Riverdale, Whitehorse, was opened in 1965 by the City of Whitehorse. This database consists of 399 interments from 1960 to 1976 and provides name, date of death, and age. Due to privacy concerns burials after 1976 are not included in the database.

Yukon News Obituary Index, 1966-2000

This database lists 1444 names, obituary date, and age of individuals that died in the Yukon from 1966-2000.

Yukon River Basin , Deaths and Burials, 1887-2007

This database lists 4108 deaths and burials in cemeteries in Dawson City and surrounding area. Most of the cemeteries listed are in Dawson City and provides cemetery, names and date of death.

Please contact the Yukon Archives http://www.tc.gov.yk.ca/archives or e-mail: Yukon.archives@gov.yk.ca for further reference assistance with Yukon related genealogical requests.