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January 2009

The Yukon Residents database includes permanent and temporary Yukon residents who lived or worked in the Yukon from 1894 to 1958. The names were compiled from a limited number of archival resources (ie. Anglican Church band lists, government records, and manuscripts) plus library sources (regimental histories, 1935 town directory & telephone directories, etc.). The database currently includes only Yukon residents living in the central and southern Yukon . Residents living in the northern Yukon (such as Old Crow, Rampart House, etc.) have not been entered due to time constraints.

Archival Sources

Corporate Records

Anglican Church of Canada , Diocese of Yukon , #88/128, COR 250 f. 2

Includes the census as recorded by the Anglican Church for the communities of Frances Lake , Ross River , Big Lake , Little Salmon, and Carmacks, 1924-1930

Anglican Church of Canada , Diocese of Yukon , #88/128, COR 256 f. 9

Includes a list of parishioners of the Anglican Church for the years 1920-1922.

Anglican Church of Canada , Diocese of Yukon , #88/128, COR 262 f. 1

Indian Band Membership lists, 1932-1952

Atlin Historical Society , 80/138, COR 005, files A-Y

White Pass and Yukon Route fonds, #82/452, COR 725-729, Sternwheeler crew lists and ship articles, [1904-1946]

Names of both permanent and temporary crews that worked on 8 of the White Pass and Yukon Route sternwheelers from 1923-1946. Information provided includes names and signatures, age, nationality and/or country of origin, date and place of joining, occupation, monthly wages, employment period (i.e. season, month, round trip, contract, etc.), & date of discharge.

•  Aksala , 1927, 1931, 1935-1943 (COR 725, f. 1)

•  Bonanza King , 1904-1910 (COR 725, f. 2)

•  Canadian , 1904-1915 (COR 725, f. 3)

•  Canadian , 1912, Casca no. 2, 1913-1924 (COR 725, f. 4)

•  Casa no. 3, 1944-1946 (COR 726, f. 5)

•  Casa no. 3, 1937 (COR 727, f. 11)

•  Dawson , 1904-1911 (COR 726, f. 6)

•  Keno, 1945-1946 (COR 726, f. 7)

•  Klondike , 1929-1920, 1933-1934 (COR 726, f. 8)

•  Klondike , 1945-1946 (COR 726, f. 9)

•  Nisutlin (Keno) , [1923] (COR 729, f. 15)

•  Neecheah, 1942-1945 (COR 728, f. 12)

•  Thistle, 1904-1906 (COR 728, f.13)

•  Tutshi, [1932-1941] (COR 728, f. 14)

•  Whitehorse , 1904-1910 (COR 729, f. 16)

•  Whitehorse , 1938-1946 (COR 729, f. 17)

•  Yukon , 1914-1915 (COR 727, f. 10)

Government Records

 Commissioner's Office, Personnel Appointments, ca. 1948 ,

GOV 2078 f. 1

Lists the names of civil servants and teachers that worked in Dawson , Mayo, Whitehorse , Carcross, Carmacks, Destruction Bay , Teslin and Thistle Creek.

Dawson City Municipal Records, 1950 , GOV 1360 f. 15

List of voters, City of Dawson , first municipal election, 1950

Dominion List of Voters for Electoral District of Yukon, 1918 ,

GOV 1659A f. 30811

Federal Voters List for Dawson , 1958 GOV 1266

Index to applications for liquor licenses, 1898-1901 GOV 1685

Index to applications for marriage licenses, 1901-1917 GOV 1686

Index to applications for town lots , Dawson, 1898

GOV 1684, f. 81 (1 & 2)

Good Samaritan Hospital , 1901-1903 GOV 2077, f. 2a & 2b

Return of Sales, 1894-1927 GOV 2079

Crown Timber and Land Agents Office ledger which lists the receipt number, date of transaction, name of purchaser, description of land, amount of money received and remarks.

Time Sales Register, 1898-1914 GOV 2080

This ledger lists the block and lot number, name of buyer, date of sale, date money due, amount sold for, interest, total price, date of payment, etc. for the townsites of: Dawson City, Dawson Reserve addition, Klondyke City additions, Fort Selkirk, Stewart River, Fort Cudahy townsite and Mill site.

Time Sales Register, 1897-1946 GOV 2081

This ledger includes the name of individual, description of land, surveyor's name, group lot and group price per acre, amount paid on land for Dominion lands Dawson.

Whitehorse Municipal Records , 1947 , #78/27 GOV 970 f. 15

Lists the names of Whitehorse residents and their occupations in during 1947.


 Faulkner , Victoria , #83/50 f. 54C MSS 141

Rural preliminary list of electors: Yukon 1938 which includes 1,977 electors, their occupations and their places of residence. The rural polling divisions included are: Dawson, Glacier Creek, Lower Bonanza, Upper Bonanza, Quartz Creek, Stewart, Thistle Creek, Bear Creek, Klondike, Gold Bottom, Upper Dominion, Lower Dominion, Sulphur, Mayo Landing, Huffman, Keno City, Galena Hill, Selkirk, Carmacks, Mt. Free Gold, Whitehorse and Carcross

Greenslade, Ronald L., #85/50 f. 2 MSS 170

Population of town of Whitehorse , Yukon , Oct. 24, 1933 . Broken down by adults (242), children attending school (53) and children and infants not of school age (44). The list provides individual's surname and first name or initial.

Library Sources


Alaskan Highway an Engineering Epic , by F. Rainey.

In: National Geographic Magazine, v ol. 83, no. 2 (February 1943): 143-168.

Location: PAM 1943-0012C

Magazine article about the planning, design and construction of the Alcan Highway mentions ten individuals involved by name.  

Alcan-America's Glory Road : Part III: Construction Tactics ”, by Harold W. Richardson. In: Engineering News-Record ( 14 January 1943 ): 131-138.

Location: Pam 1943-0014

A magazine article written about the design and construction of the Alcan Highway . At the end of the article is a list of individuals from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Northwest Service Command, Public Roads Administration and general contractors.

Alcan Trail Blazers. [ Pittsburgh , Penn: 648 th Memorial Fund, 1992]

Location: 940.541 273 Alca

“A” Company, 648 th Engineer Topographic Battalion consisted of 5 officers and 156 enlisted men who had the responsibility of locating, surveying and mapping the Alaska Highway along the southern sector between Fort St. John , B.C. and Lower Post on the Liard River on the British Columbia-Yukon border in October-November 1942. During November-December 1942 the Company was responsible for surveying a winter trail from Fort Nelson , B.C. to Fort Simpson , NWT.

Canol : the sub-Arctic pipeline and refinery project constructed by Bechtel-Price-Callahan for the Corps of Engineers, United States Army, 1942-1944. San Francisco , Calif. : Ryder and Ingram, 1945.

Location: 971.2 Fi

Includes the names of the officers of the Northwest Service Command and the Bechtel-Price-Callahan personnel who worked on the Canol Project.

Civil Service Lists of Canada

Locations: 1897 PAM 1897-0107

•  PAM 1901-0045

•  PAM 1902-0031

1904 PAM 1904-0031

1905 PAM 1905-0037

History of 17 Works COY RCE, April 1946-31 March 1964.

[S .l.: s.n.], 1964.

Location: PAM 1964-0049

An account of the 17 Works COY Royal Canadian Engineers, who provided and maintained accommodation for the headquarters, the maintenance teams on the road and the supporting service units of the Northwest Highway System over an eighteen year period. Chapters 2 and 5 list seventy military personnel, commanding officers and civilian employees associated with 17 Works COY during this time period.

History of the Royal Canadian Pay Corps on the Northwest Highway System, 1946-1964, by B. W. E. Krause. [S.l. : S.n.], 1964.

Location: PAM 1964-0048

Includes a list of twelve people who assisted with the compiling of a history on the Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps on the Northwest Highway System. It also includes the years that the contributors served with the system.

Long Trail : 341 st Engineers on the Alaska Highway , 1942-1943. [Charlotte, N. C.: Herald Press, 1943]

Location: 940.541 273 Long

Includes the names of the American Corps 341 st Regiment Engineers who worked on the Alaska Highway .

Lower Post or freeze: 340 th Engineer Regiment on the Alaska Military Highway , 1942-1943. [Charlotte, N. C.: Herald Press, 1944]

Location: 940.540 3 USACE 1944

The 340 th Regiment consisted of 45 officers and 1241 enlisted men who were responsible for constructing the Lower Post road in 1942. In 1943 the Regiment constructed bridges at Liard River , Nisutlin bay and Tagish Crossing and building rest camps at Rancheria River , Swift River , Morley River , and Brook's Brook.

Maintenance and construction on the Alaska Highway, 1946-1964 . 2 nd ed. [S.l.: Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers, 1964].

Location: 358.22 CAF

This history of the Royal Canadian Engineers' involvement with the construction and maintenance of the Alcan Highway highlights 1946 to 1964. The annexes list over 200 individuals involved including commanders, chief engineers, area superintendents, maintenance camp foremen, Royal Canadian Engineer officers and long service civilian employees

Me and Company “C”, by Robert P. Boyd. [ United States ]: R. P. Boyd, 1992.

Location: 358.22 Boyd

Includes names of some the African American military personnel who served in the 93 rd Engineers during the Alaska Highway construction time.

 Northern Signal, v. 1, no. 25, 1945.

Location: PAM 1945-0048

The 843 rd Signal Service Battalion operated and maintained the Alaska Highway Telephone System, the first land-line communications to Alaska . With World War II at an end, many of its members expressed a desire to have a list of names and hometown addresses of past and present personnel. Northern Signal, the Battalion's newsletter, fulfilled this request in a special issue devoted to its members contact information.

Northwest Highway System: the Royal Canadian Engineer Years, 1946-1964. [S.l: H.E.R. Colyer], 1992 .

Location: 358.22 Coly

On April 1, 1946 the Canadian Army assumed responsibility for the portions of the Alaska Highway that lay with Canadian boundaries. This section of the Highway was renamed the “Northwest Highway System” and the responsibility for maintenance was given to the Royal Canadian Engineers for the next twenty years. Appendixes “G” to “H” list military personnel and civilians that assisted with the maintenance of the highway from 1946 to 1964.

Thanksgiving Dinner in the Yukon , November 23, 1944 .

Location: PAM 1944-0050

A menu with the guests signatures.

Town Directories & Telephone Books

British Columbia and Yukon Directory, 1935 , p. 812-816

Location: Microfilm MF #90, r. 1

Lists the names of residents of Dawson , Whitehorse , Bear Creek, Bonanza, Big Salmon, Carcross, Granville, Keno Hill, Kluane, Glacier Creek, Huffman, Mayo, etc. for the year 1935.

British Columbia and Yukon Directory, 1947

Location: Microfilm MF #92, r. 1 & 2

Whitehorse Telephone Directory, January 1, 1946 .

[ Whitehorse : NorthwesTel], 1946

Location: PAM 1946-0043

Thirty-three Whitehorse residents are listed.

Whitehorse Telephone Directory, January 1, 1948 .

[ Whitehorse : NorthwesTel], 1948

Location: PAM 1948-0058

Sixty-two Whitehorse residents are listed.

Whitehorse , Yukon Territory Telephone Directory, 1950, 1951, 1952

Location: 910.25 Whi

Newspapers & Periodicals

Northern Lights, 1921-1955

Location: Microfilm P-15, r. #1 & 2

Whitehorse Star, January-March 1948.

Location: Newspaper

Whitehorse Star, March 4, 1949

Location: Microfilm N-5, r. #22


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