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Members of the Arctic Brotherhood
No records in this dataset

Victims of the killer avalanch on the Chilkoot in 1897-98
No records in this dataset

Victims of the marine disaster with S.S. Canadian Islander Aug 15, 1901
No records in this dataset

Benjamin F. Craig
ABBOTT, CAPT. J.W.JUL 12, 1904Whitehorse, YT
ABEY, HSEP 02, 1902Whitehorse, YT
ABEY, JOSEPHOCT 17, 1902Royal Mail Service, Whitehorse, YT
ABRAHAMSON, H.AUG 08, 1907Whitehorse, YT
ALLEY, F.R.APR 16, 1904Whitehorse, YT
ALLEY, F.R.SEP 10, 1909Whitehorse, YT
ARKERS, G.F.AUG 21, 1901Whitehorse, YT
ASHTON, FRANKJUN , 1901B.Y.N. Co. Whitehorse, YT
ASKEW, GEO. F.AUG 21, 1901Whitehorse, YT
BAKER, J.O.JUN 13, 1907C/o Whitney & Pedlar. Whitehorse, YT
BALDER, WM.JUN 17, 1902Whitehorse, YT
BALERSON, MRS. M.A.OCT 01, 1907Whitehorse, YT
BAMMER, MISS M.G.MAY 05, 1905Whitehorse, YT
BARTRIM, W.JUL 18, 1907Whitehorse, YT
BAUGHMAN, CAPT. H.C.SEP 12, 1908Whitehorse, YT
BAUGHMAN, MRS. H.C.SEP 12, 1908Whitehorse, YT
BEAVIS, J.JUL 23, 1917Whitehorse, YT
BEECHER, MILLARD E.OCT 03, 1903Whitehorse, YT
BENSON, PETERAUG 16, 1901Whitehorse, YT
BERRIGAN, MARTINDEC 03, 191845-22 Main St. South Vancouver, BC. DIed Whitehorse, YT, age 78, 1950.
BILSLAND, A.AUG 17, 1907Whitehorse, YT
BILSLAND, J.AUG 17, 1907Whitehorse, YT
BLACK, J.J.FEB 18, 1904Whitehorse, YT
BLACKWELL, REV. W.G.OCT 07, 1910WHitehorse, YT
BOXLEY, JOEAUG 15, 1903Whitehorse, YT
BOXLEY, M.E.AUG 15, 1903Whitehorse, YT
BRADY, W.J.JUN 09, 1902Whitehorse, YT
BROWN, CLYDE W.DEC 12, 1903Whitehorse, YT
BROWN, GEO.R.JUL 15, 1916Tanana, AK. Died Whitehorse, age 72, 1943
BROWN, W. R.SEP 27, 1907Whitehorse, YT
BRUCE, WARDDEC 18, 1905Whitehorse, YT
BRYDEN, J.R.JUL 18, 1908Whitehorse, YT
BUSS, EVELYNJUN 25, 1904Whitehorse, YT
CADDAS, J.W.SEP 05, 1901Whitehorse, YT
CAIRNS, D.D.SEP 10, 1907Whitehorse, YT
CALDWELL, ALBERTNOV 02, 1905Whitehorse, YT
CALDWELL, SAMJUN 24, 1907Teslin Lake via Whitehorse, YT
CAMPBELL, ALEX J.DEC 21, 1903Whitehorse, YT
CARMEL, CHAS.SEP 15, 1901Whitehorse, YT
CARTER, A.T.OCT 15, 1917Whitehorse, YT. Died Pitt Meadows, BC, age 67, 1941.
CARTER, LIZZIEOCT 17, 1907Whitehorse, YT
CASEY, W.P.SEP 26, 1907Whitehorse, YT
CHISHOLM, ALEXAUG 30, 1905Whitehorse, YT
CHRISTENSON, OLEJUN 15, 1907Whitehorse, YT
CHURCH, J.W.SEP 05, 1901Whitehorse, YT
CLARKE, M.L.SEP 17, 1903Whitehorse, YT
CLEAR, LAWRENCEJUN 09, 1903Whitehorse, YT
CLUETT, H.OCT 14, 1901Whitehorse, YT
COBB, ALFREDSEP 17, 1903Whitehorse, YT
COFFMAN, HOWARDJUL 04, 1907Whitehorse, YT
COLE, W.R.AUG 01, 1903Whitehorse, YT
COLLIER, DAVESEP 16 ,1901Whitehorse, YT
CONLEY, C.C.SEP 04, 1907Whitehorse, YT
COOK, F.JUL 29, 1907Whitehorse ,YT
COPELAND, WM.A.AUG 31, 1903Whitehorse, YT
COULTEN, SAMOCT 06, 1902Whitehorse, YT
COX, VIVIANOCT 03, 1906Whitehorse, YT
CUMMINGS, JAMESOCT 07, 1904Whitehorse, YT
CUSHING, J.F.JUL 18, 1908Whitehorse, YT
DAHL, EDWINJUN 14, 1902Whitehorse, YT
DAHL, FLORENCEJUN 14, 1902Whitehorse, YT
DAILM MISS MINNIEJUL 12, 1904Whitehorse, YT
DALE, MRS. MINNIEJUL 12, 1904Whitehorse, YT
DALTON, K.T.JUN 15, 1907Whitehorse, YT
DALY, MRS. ETTA V.Whitehorse, YT
DANIELS, FRANCISAUG 19, 1907Whitehorse, YT
DAVIS, EARLJUL 04, 1901Whitehorse, YT
DAVIS, W.J.JUL 07, 1908Whitehorse, YT
DECOTO, PETER L.OCT 01, 1901Whitehorse, YT
DEPENCIER, T.OCT 11, 1907Whitehorse, YT
DICKSON, OLEOCT 07, 1901Whitehorse, YT
DOUGHERTY, FRANKJUL 20, 1903Whitehorse, YT
DOZIER, J.I.JUL 10, 1907Whitehorse, YT
ECKERT, JOHNSEP 05, 1905Whitehorse, YT
EDWARDS, COLOMBOAUG 03, 1903Whitehorse, YT
ELLA, H.R.SEP 03, 1902Whitehorse, YT
ELMHURST, ETTAOCT 14, 1902Whitehorse, YT
EMERSON, J.B.Whitehorse, YT
ESKRIGGE, HARRYJUL 08, 1903Whitehorse, YT
FACH, AMBROSE M.Whitehorse, YT
FAIR, JAMESOCT 03, 1917C/o Box. Jones. Whitehorse, YT
FERGUSON, F.N.JAN 21, 9104Whitehorse, YT
FISHER, JAMESDEC 11, 1913Whitehorse, YT
FITZGERALD, MRS. W.K.SEP 28, 1910Whitehorse, YT
FITZGERALD, W.K.SEP 28, 1910Whitehorse, YT
FOLEY, WALLAJUL 13, 1907Whitehorse, YT
FOSTER, HOMERMAY 01, 1908Whitehorse, YT
FOWLOW, THOS.OCT 08, 1907Whitehorse, YT
FOX, V.OCT 11, 1907Whitehorse, YT
FRANCIS, A.J.JUL 20, 1903Whitehorse, YT
FREELANDER, ED.SEP 19, 1903Whitehorse, YT
FRENCH, J.A.OCT 16, 1907Whitehorse, YT
FULLERTON, RICHARDMAR 07, 1905Whitehorse, YT
GALL, JAMESWhitehorse, YT
GAMBLE, MRS. S.J.Whitehorse, YT
GAMBLE, MRS. T.J.Whitehorse, YT
GATES, BEN L.Whitehorse, YT
GATES, OTTOJUL 04, 1904Str. "La France". Whitehorse, YT
GEER, ANNA V.AUG 19, 1903Whitehorse, YT
GILLESPIE, M.J.SEP 15 ,1917Whitehorse, YT
GOGOFF, PAVEFFFEB 05, 1916Whitehorse, YT
GOLDBLOOM, W.SEP 28, 1917Whitehorse, YT
GOMEZ, C.SEP 10, 1909Whitehorse, YT
GOULETT, W.J.JUN 05, 1905Whitehorse, YT
GOWLER, W.S.OCT 28, 1903Whitehorse, YT - Nome, AK
GRAHAM, WM.N.DEC 07, 1917Whitehorse, YT
GRANT, RICHARDFEB 15, 1904Box 86. Whitehorse, YT
GRAY, T.W.OCT 27, 1902Whitehorse, YT
GREEN, C.T.AUG 26, 1907Whitehorse, YT
GREEN, LEENOV 17, 1910Whitehorse, YT
GRIFFITH, W.R.AUG 05, 1903Whitehorse, AK
GRIMES, MRS. J.A.JAN 16, 1904Whitehorse, AK
GUICHON, MARTINJUN 24, 1907Whitehorse, YT
HADDOCK, A.W.JUL 18, 1903Whitehorse, YT
HAGSTEAD, G.NOV 01, 1909Box 611. Whitehorse, YT
HAIG, WALTER G., 1902Whitehorse, YT
HALL, A.H.OCT 24, 1907The Regina. Whitehorse, YT
HALL, HARRY R.JUL 16, 1916Whitehorse, YT
HAMMER, K.J.SEP 10, 1907Whitehorse, YT
HAMPSON, JOHNJAN 03, 1908Whitehorse, YT
HARDIMAN, PERCY, 19021 Vancouver, BC. 1902, Whitehorse, YT
HARRIS, T.S.AUG 15, 1903Whitehorse, YT
HARRIS, WM. S.JAN 12, 1900Whitehorse, YT
HARRISON, E.A.AUG 17, 1903Whitehorse, YT
HARTGEN, F.A.SEP 05, 1902Whitehorse, YT 2.17.01 Seattle, WA 21.10.06 Spokane, WA
HARTLEY, GEO.T.JUL 30, 1901Whitehorse, YT
HARVEY, RICHARDJUL 11, 1901Whitehorse, YT
HASTINGS, J.G.SEP 05, 1903Whitehorse, YT
HAUTIER, L.V.JUL 18, 1903Whitehorse, YT
HAUTIER, WM.JUL 18, 1903Whitehorse, YT
HENRY, C.F.DEC 09, 1901Whitehorse, YT
HERRICK, LOUIS J.AUG 21, 1905Whitehorse, YT
HERRIOTT, A.D.OCT 03, 1903Whitehorse, YT
HOLLAND, J.SEP 20, 1902Whitehorse, YT
HOMER, STEPHENJUL 13, 1901Whitehorse, YT
HOSKINS, W.AUG 31, 1907Whitehorse, YT
HUGHS, ARTHUR P.DEC 11, 1903Whitehorse, YT
HUME, ELLAJUL 21, 1901Whitehorse, YT
HUME, JAMESJUL 21, 1901Whitehorse, YT
HUNNICUTT, F.W.SEP -4, 1903Whitehorse, YT
HUTTON, M.S.SEP 20, 1902Whitehorse, YT
ISAACSON, FRANKJUN 24, 1097Whitehorse, YT
JAMIESON, PAULMAY 26, 1902Whitehorse, YT
JANUARY, J.W.SEP 23, 1900Whitehorse, YT
JESSUP, JOHN W.AUG 01, 1906Whitehorse, YT
JOHNSON, CAPT. P.H.AUG 23, 1908WHitehorse, YT
JONES, MARY E.DEC 26, 1907Whitehorse, YT
KEESLING, C.P.AUG 20, 1903Whitehorse, YT
KEHOE, JOHNOCT 16, 1900Whitehorse, YT
KENNEDY, A.B.SEP 03, 1904Whitehorse, YT
KIEFER, A.A.JUL 13, 1901C/o S.S."Bailey", Whitehorse, YT
KILAM, A.S.JUN 04, 1909Whitehorse, YT
KILLAM, G.C.JUN 04, 1909Whitehorse, YT
KINSLER, JOEAUG 28, 1902Victoria, BC 30.7.02 Whitehorse, YT
KIRTS, W.A.OCT 01, 1900Whitehorse, YT
KNAPP, JOE F.JUN 25, 1901Whitehorse, YT
KUSHING, E.P. OR C.P.AUG 20, 1903Whitehorse, YT
LANGHOLZ, FREDJUL 02, 1907Whitehorse, YT
LANGSETH, CHAS.SEP 19, 1907Whitehorse, YT
LEONARD, A.E.JUN 26, 1900Whitehorse, YT
LESTOR, RUTHOCT 31, 1918Whitehorse, YT
LEVY, H.W.AUG 31, 1905Whitehorse, YT
LEWIS, H.M.SEP 10, 1907Whitehorse, YT
LEY, GEO.MAY 28, 1907Whitehorse, YT
LIVINGSTON, M.D.JAN 09, 1901Whitehorse, TY
LLOYD, R.G.W.AUG 06, 1904Whitehorse, YT
LOWDERBACK, M.J.SEP , 1900Whitehorse, YT
MAHBLE, C.T.FEB 12, 1909Whitehorse, YT
MAHER, W.E.JUN 24, 1901Whitehorse, YT 27.10.03 New Haven, CT
MANING, ARCHIBALDJUN 14, 1904Whitehorse, YT
MARCEL, CLAIRAUG 03, 1907Whitehorse, YT
MARKLE, L.N.AUG 03, 1903Whitehorse, YT
MARKLE, MRS. C.AUG 03, 1903Whitehorse, YT
MARSHALL, G.W.SEP 13, 1907Whitehorse, YT
MARSHALL, JACKSEP 13, 1907Whitehorse, YT
MARTIN, CAPT.S.APR 14, 1901Whitehorse, YT
MARTIN, LAWRENCENOV 08, 1911Whitehorse, YT
MATTATALL, A.AUG 25, 1902Whitehorse, YT 6.8.06 Seattle, WA
MAY, GEO.F.SEP 12, 1900Whitehorse, YT
MCBRIEN, JACKOCT 17, 1904Whitehorse, YT
MCCONNELL, W.S.OCT 02, 1905Whitehorse, YT
MCCRAIT, GUY E.AUG 01, 1904Whitehorse, YT
MCDERMOTT, GEO.SEP 06, 1900Whitehorse, YT
MCDERMOTT, JOS.MAY 19, 1905Whitehorse, YT
MCDERMOTT, PHILSEP 06, 1900Whitehorse, YT
MCFARLANE, E.G.JUL 16, 1902Whitehorse, YT
MCGEE, R.C.JUN 20, 1900Whitehorse, YT
MCILVEEN, J.SEP 06, 1903Whitehorse, YT
MCILVEEN, M.SEP 06, 1903Whitehorse, YT
MCINTYRE, C.JUN 04, 1909C/o Whitepass Hotel. Whitehorse, YT
MCKINNON, A.D.SEP 24, 1906Whitehorse, YT
MCKINNON, ANDREW A.NOV 27, 1903Whitehorse, YT
MCKINNON, CHAS.J.SEP 03, 1907Whitehorse, YT
MCKINNON, JAMESFEB 20, 1904Whitehorse, YT
MCKINNON, JAMES J.JUL , 1907Whitehorse, YT
MCLAIN, FRANKAUG 05, 1903Whitehorse, YT 28.8..03 Skagway, AK
MCLEAN, B.S.AUG 22, 1907Whitehorse, YT
MCLELLAN, J.J.SEP 04, 1907Whitehorse, YT
MCLENNAN, DUNCANAUG 17, 1907Whitehorse, YT
MCMAHON, MRS. L.OCT 17, 1907Whitehorse, YT
MCMILLAN, R.J.AUG 12, 1901Whitehorse, YT
MCMILLAN, W.J. & CO.AUG 12, 1901Whitehorse, YT
MCNEIL, S.A.AUG 02, 1900Whitehorse, YT
MCPHERSON, JOHN (BLACKSMITH)MAY 13, 1905R.M. Service. Whitehorse, YT
MCTAGGART, PAULJUL 19, 1902Whitehorse, YT
MERCER, A.L.JUN 18, 1907Whitehorse, YT
MERRIFIELD, MRS. J.NOV 03, 1910Whitehorse, YT
MITCHELL, JOHNAUG 10, 1903Whitehorse, YT
MITCHELL, W.L.NOV 28, 1900Whitehorse, YT
MIYOKAWA, MISS I.JUL 13, 1908Box 52. Whitehorse, YT
MOORE, E.J.MAY , 1903Whitehorse, YT
MORCK, E.A.MAR 14, 1900Whitehorse, YT
MORRISON, J.L.NOV 20, 1900Whitehorse, YT
MORSE, J.M.NOV 17, 1910Pioneer Hotel. Whitehorse, YT
MOULT, W.H.SEP , 1904Whitehorse, YT
MURPHY, JAMESJUL 30, 1903Whitehorse, YT
MURRAY, W.J.OCT , 1900Juneau, AK. 4.7.03 Whitehorse, YT. 6.12.06 Vancouver, BC
NEALON, JOHNAUG 16, 1906Whitehorse, YT
NEWSOM, R.W.DEC , 1903C/o Commercial Hotel. Whitehorse, YT
NICHOLS, J.D.OCT , 1905Whitehorse, YT. 17.8.07 Fairbanks, AK
NICHOLSON, H.JUL , 1903Whitehorse, YT
NICKEY, MRS. M.A.MAY , 1907Whitehorse, YT
NICKEY, W.J.MAY , 1907Whitehorse, YT
NICOLSON, WM.NOV , 1907Whitehorse, YT
NORD, C.AUG 07, 1900Whitehorse, YT
OAKLEY, W.M.OCT 12, 1908Whitepass Hotel. Whitehorse, YT
O'CONNOR, LOUISESEP 29, 1910Whitehorse, YT
O'LEARY, N.M., 1904Whitehorse, YT
OLSON, JAMESSEP 15, 1901Frakfort, MI. 18.9.03 Whitehorse, YT
ORGON, B.G., 1901Whitehorse, YT
PALMER, MRS. A.DEC 05, 1900Whitehorse. YT
PEARSON, A.JUN 20, 1908Whitehorse, YT
PETERSON, CHRIS B.SEP 24, 1907Whitehorse, YT
PETERSON, E.A.JUN 14, 1901Whitehorse, YT
PHELPS, W.L.AUG 06, 1909Whitehorse, YT. Died 1951, age 84.
PHILLIPS, G., 1902Whitehorse, YT
PORT, EDWARD H.SEP 13, 1910Whitehorse, YT
PORTER, ARTHUR E., 1903Whitehorse, YT
PORTER, W.H.JUL , 1901Whitehorse, YT
POWELL, E.V.AUG 10, 1900Whitehorse, YT
PREDERGAST, E.JUL 06,Whitehorse, YT
PRICE, JOHNJUL 23, 1909Box 64. Whitehorse, YT
PRICE, JOHN F.JUL 06, 1909Box 64. Whitehorse, YT
PRINCE, J.P.JUN , 1900Whitehorse, YT
PULFORD, DENNISAUG 01, 1904Vancouver Hotel. Whitehorse, YT
PURDY, CHAS.MAR 21, 1904Whitehorse, YT
RACINE, R.E., 1906Whitehorse, YT
RANDELL, J.B.FEB 18, 1900Whitehorse, YT
RANDLES, MRS. S.SEP -4, 1905Whitehorse, YT
RAY, MAMIEMAY 05, 1905Whitehorse, YT
RICE, JOHN M.OCT 02, 1907Commercial Hotel. Whitehorse, YT
RITCHIE, JAMES K.SEP , 1902Whitehorse, YT
ROBERTSON, J.A.JUL 26, 1915Tacoma, WA. 2.7.19., Str. Reliance, Nulato, AK. Died Whitehorse, 1952.
ROBERTSON, JAMES A.NOV 23, 1915Fairbanks, AK. Died Whitehorse, YT, 1952.
ROWLINSON, C.B.JUL 09, 1908Whitehorse, YT
ROY, LEROY M.JUN 28, 1909C/o Fred Alley. Whitehorse, YT
RYAN, F.D.AUG 06, 1907Whitehorse, YT
RYAN, F.M.AUG 06, 1907Whitehorse, YT
SCHULTZ, MAXOCT 01, 1917Whitehorse, YT
SCOTT, ALEX, 1901Whitehorse, YT
SCOTT, JOHN WESLEYSEP , 1900Whitehorse, YT
SEAMON, CALEBJAN 02, 1902Whitehorse, YT
SEYMOUR, H.A.OCT , 1907Whitehorse, YT
SHEARER, MRS. W.R. OR ROSEARP 25, 1906Whitehorse, YT
SHEARER, WM. R.APR 25, 1906Whitehorse, YT
SHEPHERD, A.W.MAR 27, 1907Gold Point via Whitehorse, YT
SINCLAIR, REV. J.A., 1900Whitehorse, YT
SLENKER, M.S.JUL 27, 1903Whitehorse, YT
SLOAN, EDWARDAPR 04, 1904Whitehorse, YT
SLONE, E.T.NOV 13, 1909Whitehorse, YT
SMITH, ARCHIE L., 1901Whitehorse, YT
SMITH, MRS. J.E.JUN 10, 1902Whitehorse, YT
SMITH, W.D.SEP , 1902Whitehorse, YT
SORELLE, GEO.M.JUN 06, 1900Whitehorse, YT
SPERRY, S.O.JUL -0, 1900Whitehorse, YT
SPRING, MAUDMAY 05, 1905Whitehorse, YT
ST. ANDRE, VICTORJUN 22, 1905Whitehorse, YT
ST. CLAIR, MISS JESSIEDEC 18, 1907Whitehorse, YT
STEDMAN, B.J.JUL 01, 1904Whitehorse, YT
STEPHENSON, T.E.AUG 19, 1910Whitehorse, YT
STERN, MOLLIEAUG 29, 1908Whitehorse, YT
STEVENS, SAMUEL G.SEP , 1906Whitehorse, YT
SVOBODA, FRANKOCT 01, 1906Whitehorse, YT
TAYLOR, W.H.JUL -0, 1900Whitehorse, YT
TEZA, PETERAUG 11, 1902Whitehorse, YT
THOMAS, R.G.MAR 23, 1909Whitehorse, YT
THOMPSON, WM.JUL 14, 1908Whitehorse, YT. Died Dawson, age 80, 1952.
THOMSON, E.L.OCT 07, 1901Whitehorse, YT
THRASH, PEARLJUL 03, 1906Whitehorse, YT
TRAFINCANTE, J., 1904Whitehorse, YT
TURNBALL, A.JUL 11, 1904Whitehorse, YT
TURNBALL, MRS. W.JUL 11, 1904Whitehorse, Y
TURNER, E.H.AUG 21, 1900Whitehorse, YT
TYRRELL, L.M.JUN 28, 1909C/o Fred Alley. Whitehorse, YT
VALLRATH, H.JUN 18, 1907Whitehorse, YT
VAN BEBBER, FRANKMAY 06, 1902C/o E. A. Morck. Whitehorse, YT
VAN METER, A.C., 1907Whitehorse, YT
VAUTRIN, I., 1900Whitehorse, YT
VERGOWE, GEO.E.AUG 06, 1903Whitehorse, YT
VICKERS, J.R.MAR 13, 1904Whitehorse, YT
WAGNER, FRED, 1902Whitehorse, YT
WALLACE, HAZELAPR 04, 1908Fairbanks, AK. 10.10.15. Whitehorse, YT
WALLACE, JAMES A.SEP 28, 1909?Whitehorse, YT
WALLACE, JOHNJUN 30, 1909Golden Eagle Restaurant. Whitehorse, YT
WALSH, H.B., 1907Whitehorse, YT
WALTENBAUGH, GEO.W.JUN 29, 1906Whitehorse, YT
WALTERSBAUGH, MRS. A.SEP 19, 1908Whitehorse, YT
WARD, DAVIDOCT 28, 1907Whitehorse, YT
WARMOTH,J.M.JUL 10, 1900Whitehorse, YT
WATSON, CHAS., 190-Box 15. Whitehorse, YT
WATSON, M.G.JUN 25, 1903Whitehorse, YT
WILLIAMS, J.H.OCT , 1900Whitehorse, YT
WILLIS, ARTHUROCT 07, 1907Whitehorse, YT
WILSON, ED.OCT 07, 1907Whitehorse, YT
WILSON, F.G.OCT 07, 1907Whitehorse, YT
WINKOOP, L.F.AUG 09, 1900Whitehorse, YT
WITTER, ROBERT, 1905Whitehorse, YT
WOODRUFF, G.W.JUN 23, 1900Whitehorse, YT
WORDEN, W.H., 1902Whitehorse, YT
WORMOTH, J.M., 1900Whitehorse, YT
WRIGHT, N.A.MC., 190-Whitehorse, YT
WRIGHT, WM.G.OCT , 1904Whitehorse, YT
YOUNG, WM.MAY , 1905Whitehorse, YT
ZIMMERIMAN, GEO.H.SEP 29, 1902Whitehorse, YT

Dawson Daily News Golden Clean up Edition, 1902 (miners & what they took out)
No records in this dataset
NameType of Claim

Dawson Council members
No records in this dataset
NamePosition and date

Placermining Applications Vol 1
No records in this dataset
NameClaim noMicrofilmYear Recorded

Placermining Applications Vol 2
No records in this dataset
NameClaim noMicrofilmYear Recorded

Doctor's Names
No records in this dataset

Firemen's Names
No records in this dataset

Death Records from Green's Mortuary
HUNTJoshua D., 73 years; heart trouble, Steamer Whitehorse; Sept. 6, 1933, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, YOOP Cemetery; J. Asyleus; miner; article attached
KATEFred, 16 years; Whitehorse; tuberculosis, St. Mary's Hospital; April 9, 1932, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Mr.Johnson, St. Pauls hostel and Yukon Gov't
MCADAMWilliam, 42 years; burned to death, Yukonia Hotel fire; February 21, 1917, Coroner Telford; funeral at Whitehorse; W.C. Sirne (Whitehorse); teamster

Women of the Golden North Fraternal Organization
No records in this dataset

1901 Census Records
No records in this dataset

Northwest Mounted Police Employees
No records in this dataset

Polks Gazetteer 1903 directory
No records in this dataset

People associated with churches
ANDERSONRev. A., clergy/lay worker, parishes; Dawson, summer 1935; Moosehide 1935-38; Whitehorse, 1939.
BIRDRev. H.H.G., clergy/lay worker, parish; Whitehorse 1950
BLACKWELLRev. W.G., clergy/lay worker, parish; Whitehorse 1911-16
BOWENRev. R.J., clergy/lay worker, parishes; Upper Yukon River 1895-1897, Dawson 1897-1899, Whitehorse 1901-03.
BURGESSEdwin Harcus Aug.11, 1858-Sep. 23, 1943, age 85, Minister in the Klondike 1910-12, Whitehorse, YT, age 52.
CHAPPELLRev. L.G., clergy/lay worker, parishes; Moosehide and St. Paul's Hostel 1935-39; Ross River and Fort Selkirk 1939-41; Whitehorse 1941-49. Church Cathedral Victoria. 1981-
CLENNETTRev. R.T., clergy/lay worker, parishes; Haines Junction 1960-69, Whitehorse 1969-76.
CODYRev. H.A., clergy/lay worker, parish; Whitehorse 1906
CROSSRev. G.A., Whitehorse 1937-38
CROWRev. G.A., clergy/lay worker, parish; Whitehorse 1937-38
DAIMPRERev. I.D.D., clergy/lay worker, parishes; Whitehorse (Champagne, Teslin) 1927-28; Moosehide 1928-29, Carcross 1948-50
DAVIESRev. J.A., clergy/lay worker, parishes; Dawson 1914-18; Whitehorse -1922-
GIBBSRev. M., clergy/lay worker, parishes; Chooutla School 1964-68, Whitehorse 1969
GRANTRev. H.C.M., clergy/lay worker, parishes; Chooutla School and Carcross 1930-46, Alaska highway Teslin, Carcross 1947- , Whitehorse 1963-69
HELLABYDeaconess H., clergy/lay worker, parishes; St. Paul's Hostel 1951, Mayo Indian Villiage 1952-59, Mayo, Keno, Elsa 1960, Carmacks 1962-66, Whitehorse 1962, 1969-73, 1975-82.
HESKITHRev. J.T., Whitehorse 1943-55
JENKINSRev. C.H., clergy/lay worker, parishes; Moosehide 1931, 1934; Whitehorse 1935
JOHNSTONRev. E.O., clergy/lay worker, parishes; Whitehorse (Takhini and Porter Creek) 1966
KESKETHRev. J.T., clergy/lay worker, parish; Whitehorse 1953-55
LAWTONRev. D.J.W., clergy/lay worker, parishes; Mayo, Elsa, Keno 1977-80 (Stewart Crossing), Stewart River/Fraser Falls 1977; Whitehorse 1980-81
MAINC.O. 1904-06, July 8th,, Minister in the Klondike in Whitehorse for 2 years.
MCCULLUMRev. J.A., clergy/lay worker, parishes; Dawson 1963-64, Moosehide 1963-69; Whitehorse, Takhini and Porter Creek 1965.
MCFERRANRev. L., clergy/lay worker, parish; Whitehorse 1982-
METCALFRev. H.B., Whitehorse 1928-33
METCALFERev. H.B., clergy/lay worker, parish; Whitehorse 1928-33
MORRISONRev. W.E., clergy/lay worker, parishes; Carcross-Atlin 1976-78; Whitehorse 1977; Cassiar 1979-
MUNNRev. H.T., clergy/lay worker, parishes; Dawson 1973, Clinton Creek 1973; Mayo, Elsa, Keno 1973-77; Whitehorse 1977-80.
O'MEARARev. A.E., clergy/lay worker, parishes; Conrad 1906-07 ; Whitehorse; Teslin 1909
PHILLPOTTSRev. J.H.E., clergy/lay worker, parishes; Watson Lake 1965-70; Whitehorse 1970-72; Haines Junction 1972-73.
PRIVETTVen. A.L., clergy/lay worker, parishes; Whitehorse 1957-72; Alaska Highway (North), Cassiar 1979; Whitehorse 1979-(retired)
SHIRLEYRev. J.A., clergy/lay worker, parishes; Whitehorse 1922-23; Dawson 1924-1926
SNIDERRev. K., clergy/lay worker, parishes; Dawson 1967-1978; Old Crow 1970; Clinton Creek 1977; Whitehorse 1978-1982
STANGERRev. C.T., clergy/lay worker, parishes; Whitehorse 1950-1951; Carcross and Chooutla 1951-1955
STRINGERRev. I.O., clergy/lay worker, parishes; Whitehorse 1903-1905; Bishop 1905-1931; Herschel Island and Shingle Point
STUBERRev. R.L., clergy/lay worker, parishes; Fort Nelson 1971-76; Whitehorse and area 1976-78.
STUDDRev. A., clergy/lay worker, parishes; Dawson pre-1913; Carmacks and Little Salmon 1913-16; Whitehorse 1916-17.
SWANSONRev. C., Carmacks, 1913-16 Whitehorse 1916-17
TANNERRev. N.E., clergy/lay worker, parishes; Fort Selkirk 1949-50; Whitehorse 1951-52
TAYLORRev. H.J., clergy/lay worker, parishes; Dawson, Moosehide 1951-53; Whitehorse
TAYLORRev. E., clergy/lay worker, parishes; Carcross 1974-76; Whitehorse 1976.
WALTERSRev. C., clergy/lay worker, parishes; Carcross (Chooutla) 1961-63; Whitehorse 1966
WATTSRev. J.D.E., clergy/lay worker, parishes; Whitehorse 1969-71; Teslin, Atlin, Carcross, Alaska Highway (miles 750-864) 1972; Old Crow 1973-76; Carmacks, Pelly 1976-79; Haines Junction 1979.
WESTRev., clergy/lay worker, parishes; Whitehorse 1924-27; Chooutla 1928
WHEELERRev. R.F.(A)., clergy/lay worker, parishes; Old Crow 1953-57; Watson Lake 1957-59; Telegraph Creek 1967-75; Whitehorse 1976-81
WHITTAKERRev. C.E., clergy/lay worker, parish; Whitehorse 1918-22

Sourdough Stampede Association members
BAIRD, HUGHSourdough Stampede Assoc. Inc. 1930. AR. Alaska 1900, via White Pass To Whitehorse; Dawson; Left 1903

Pupils at St. Mary's school
No records in this dataset

Victims of the marine disaster with S.S. Princess Sophia 1918
No records in this dataset

Steamboats plying Yukon River
AKSALA(first named Alaska) 642 tons. Built by A.Y.N. in Whitehorse, 1913. Transferred to Canadian register and renamed Aksala. Operate for B.Y.N. Co. It operated until
ALERT9 tons. No data except that the boat sailed from Whitehorse to Lake LeBarge, June 2, 1901. Capt. Sangster.
BAILEYBuilt at Lake Bennett, 1899, by L. Paquet, 193 tons. The boat operated on Bennett-Canyon City run and was taken through the rapids and was put on the Whitehorse-Dawson
CASCA(2)Built at Whitehorse in 1911 by the B.Y.N., 1,079 tons. She was the flagship of B.Y.N. fleet. Operated on Whitehorse-Dawson run and on Midnight Sun excursions to
CASCA(3)Built in Whitehorse in 1937, 1,300 tons, by the B.Y.N. Co.. The machinery from Casca(2) was salvaged and used to build the #3. It was the plushest tourist boat on the
DAWSONBuilt at Whitehore, 1901, 779 tons, by the B.Y.N. Co. for the Whitehorse-Dawson run. Was wrecked at Rink Rapids in the fall of 1926 and a total loss. Passengers were
ELLAOn Whitehorse to Fairbanks run in 1905, under Capt. Greer. Made five trips on St. Michael-Fairbanks run with Capt. Blair. 16 trips in 1906 and 6 trips in 1907. No further record.
FRONTIERSMANGas sternwheel, chain drive. Built at Whitehorse. Owners were Clair Marcil and Thos. Smith. Ran on
GOLD STARBuilt at St. Michael, 1898. Arrived in Dawson Sep. 8, 1898. Arrived in Dawson from Whitehorse July 23, 1899, Capt. Wm. Turnbull. Wrecked in Five Fingers the fall of
GOLDEN CROWN #1Built at Whitehorse, 1902, by W. Ogilvie and owner, 114 tons. Used as a dredge on the
HAPPY HOOLIGANTanana arrival records show this craft arriving from Whitehorse in July, 1905, for Fairbanks with
IOWABuilt at Lake Bennett by Town Alaska Mining Co. Launched at Caribou Crossing June 9, 1898, arrived at Dawson through Whitehorse Rapids in June 1898, with Captain Abbott.
J.W. JACOBSBuilt at Whitehorse as a U.S. Army Q.M. steamer. Often wintered at Whitehorse. Tanana records her
KLUAHNEBuilt at Whitehorse, by Taylor & Drury Ltd., fur traders and used on Hootaliqua, Pelly and Stewart Rivers. Made a trip up White, Donjek and Kluahne Rivers almost to
LORELLEIBuilt on Lake Bennett, 1898. Moved on June 3, 1901, from Whitehorse to Lake LeBarge by Capt. R. Waters. No further record.
NASUTLIN405 tons. Built at Whitehorse in 1912 by the B.Y.N. CO. Still in service at Whitehorse. Commonly known as the "Nasty". Made a trip up the White River to mouth of
NENANABought from the builder, Mr. Bailey of Fairbanks by Taylor & Drury, Whitehorse. Probably was operated on Shushana Stampede. Not to be confused with Alaska
OLIVE MAY(Changed to the Dora in '99)--registry 54 tons. Built by Capt. N. Raymond at Whitehorse and used on the Whitehorse-Dawson run. Sunk in the 30 Mile River with a
ORA69 tons. Built at Lake Bennett, 1898, by the B.L. & K.N. Company. Came through the Whitehorse rapids in July, 1898 and arrived in Dawson July 8. Dismantled in the spring of 1903
PAULINE(Pauline Raymond)--145 tons. Built at Whitehorse in 1907 by Capt. N.B. Raymond. Wrecked by running ice at Sunnydale Slough, Dawson, in the fall and spring of 1915-
PROSPECTORRegistry 165 tons. Built in Whitehorse, 1901, by Emil Stauf and H.E. Ridley. Ran on side stream by
SELKIRK(Held speed record Dawson to Whitehorse, 2 days, 17 hours.)--777 tons. Built at Whitehorse by the B.Y.N. Co. in 1901. Operated on the Upper River until fall of 1920
VICTORIAN716 tons. Built in Victoria, 1898, by J.Todd for the C.D. CO. Was later owned by B.Y.N. Co. Operated on Whitehorse-Dawson run.
VIVIEN5.5 tons. Was a gas launch, built in Whitehorse in 1907 by Eli Verreau, builder and owner. Dismantled May, 1918.
WHITE HORSE1120 tons. Built at Whitehorse in 1901 by the B.Y.N. Co. Rebuilt in 1930. Still in service.
WILLIE IRVING(Skelly says this was the first boat through Whitehorse Rapids under her own steam). Built on
YUKON651 tons. Built in Whitehorse in 1913 by the American Yukon Navigation Co., a sister ship of the "Alaska". Operated between Dawson and Nenana. Rebuilt in 1936.
ZEALANDIAN180 tons. Built on Lake Bennett 1900, by Alex Watson for John Irving Navigation Co. Last owner Fastest trip said to be made between St.Michael and Dawson was on the JOHN CUDAHY, under Captain McCarthy - twenty days. In later years the only boats plying on the Lower Yukon were the DELTA, WILL H. ISOM, ISABEL, PUP, TEDDY H. and WHITE SEAL. Only vessel to navigate up through the Five Finger Rapids without aid of a cable operated by her steam winch was the Eldorado, in 1899. A steam launch, the Burpee, ran a few years between Dawson and Forty Mile, and a French Canadian mail carrier Eli Verreau, ran small launch between Dawson and Eagle, AK, for several years. The voyage down stream from Whitehorse, to Dawson averages three days and up stream five to six days.

NWMP records at Chilkoot: checkpoints listing people who entered the Yukon
GEROW, GUSMar. 8, 1899Whitehorse
MARSHALL, A.C.Mar. 8, 1899Whitehorse
MARSHALL, A.C.Feb. 26, 1899Whitehorseville
REGAN, T. THOMASFeb. 17, 1899Whitehorse
REGAN, THOMASDec. 24, 1898Whitehorse
SUGDEN, LEONARD S.E., MDFeb. 14, 1899Whitehorseville

NWMP records at Chilkoot: checkpoints listing people who entered the Yukon
GEOFFRAIY, THOSAug 17, 1900Montreal - boat returning from Whitehorse
GEOFFREY, T.Sep 7, 1900Whitehorse - scow 657
LEO, C.A.Aug 17, 1900Bennett - boat returning from Whitehorse
PRINGLE, GEO.Jun 1, 1900Whitehorse - scow 94
REGAN, THOMASApr 2, 1899Whitehorse Rapids
REGAN, THOMASJan 26, 1899Whitehorse Rapids

NWMP records at Chilkoot: checkpoints listing people who entered the Yukon
No records in this dataset

NWMP records at Lake Bennett: people who entered the Yukon via boats
No records in this dataset

NWMP records at Lake Bennett: people who entered the Yukon via boats
No records in this dataset

NWMP records at Lake Bennett: people who entered the Yukon via boats
No records in this dataset

Yukon Order of Pioneers
BRAGA, MICHAEL.Whitehorse, Present membership in Dawson Lodge No1
CAMERON, G.I.,Whitehorse, Present membership in Dawson Lodge No1
CAREY, RANDAL,Whitehorse, Present membership in Dawson Lodge No1
DEEKS, H.CAMERON,Whitehorse, Present membership in Dawson Lodge NO1
DICKSON, H.G.Whitehorse Lodge No.4
DICKSON, THOMASWhitehorse Lodge No.4
DINES, JOHNC., Whitehorse, Present membership in Dawson Lodge No1
HANULIK, ANTHONY,Whitehorse, Present membership in Dawson Lodge NO1
HANULIK, JOEJr, Whitehorse, Present membership in Dawson Lodge No1
LOWE, ROBERT,Whitehorse Lodge No.4
MASON, C.JOE,Whitehorse, Present membership in Dawson Lodge No1
MURPHY, JAMES,Whitehorse, Present membership in Dawson Lodge No1
NORDLING, ALAN,Whitehorse, Present membership in Dawson Lodge No1
NORTH, RICHARD,Whitehorse, Present membership in Dawson Lodge No1
NRILSENM,ERIK, WHITEHORSE,Present membership in Dawson Lodge No1
PROFEIT, DAN,Whitehorse, Present membership in Dawson Lodge No1
PUCKETT, W.A.,Whitehorse Lodge No.4
SEELEY, ALEX,Whitehorse, Present membership in Dawson Lodge No1
SHILLETO, E.T.,Whitehorse, Present membership in Dawson Lodge No1
SHORE, KENH. WhitehorsePresent membership in Dawson Lodge No1
TAYLOR, ISSACWhitehorse Lodge No.4
WHITE, E.J.Whitehorse Lodge No.4
WHITNEY, J.P.Whitehorse Lodge No.4

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